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The road itself ended on a sturdy shed a half mile behind; from there, a steep path climbs following the cascading mountain stream, just far enough from it to not be slippery with droplets of water; each curve of the way offers a view of a miniature rainbow lit up by the morning sun.

The cabin is built with classic, durable Old World workmanship combined with modern conveniences; a satellite dish on the roof and a central air unit by one wall reveal the presence of such upgrades to modern comfort. A wooden swing hangs from dual chains on the porch, swaying gently in the breeze. The lake that feeds the stream is perhaps fifty yards from the cabin itself, the scent of cold, fresh water mixing with the pine and grass on the wind. A raccoon drinking from the lake looks up, then scampers away, chittering in displeasure at the intruders into its domain.
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It is actually a two-step trip: using the door from Milliways lands the couple at Scarlet's place in San Fancisco, but in the same fraction of a second, she wills herself and Weyland to be somewhere else.


May. 4th, 2009 01:35 pm
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Things learned and sharing of knowledge...
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The Devil is on the couch, half-brooding, or lounging, or... who knows? Waiting for a guest, maybe.

She is not moving, not bothering with pretending breath or much of mortal seeming. It is a strange night, and far from over.


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