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Do not be confused by the pretty face. She is is the Devil.

Or, one of the aspects of the Devil.

So, she is evil. And a part in the Grand Scheme of Things. Scarlet was given authority to teach a harsh lesson: hell and heaven are here, and now. You make them be, here and now, and let God worry about the afterlife.

Those who learn the lesson, are enlightened. Those who fail, are doomed. So, do not expect to get away on top, or to get away at all. The Devil is not here to give you leisure, fortune or happiness, she is here to teach you that you have to work for those things.

The Seven Twisted Wishes are her main tool of 'teaching'. First, she will not offer the Deal to nice, virtuous and caring people. Because you see, the only way out of The Deal is to make a completely unselfish, no-strings-attached virtuous wish that benefits someone -else-, someone who is good and deserving of good things.

No, you can not squirm out of the deal by wishing fortune upon your partner in crime.

The basic rules for the Deal are:

- You can not wish for more wishes; they are seven, and that's it.

- The Devil will deliver exactly what you wish for, to the letter.

- You can not wish yourself out of the Deal; there is one escape, it was mentioned above, and the Devil will not talk about it.

- You can not wish the Devil out of existence to get revenge.

- You can not wish for things the Devil does not have itself; no wishing for omnipotence.

- You can not wish for 'all your wishes to become true' because it violates rule 1 in spirit.

- You CAN 'undo' a wish, reverting things to how they were before you made the wish, but the wish is spent anyway.

- You have seven days to make all wishes; you can blow them all in seven seconds, or in seven hours, but exactly seven days after the Deal is struck, all unspent wishes expire.

- If you die while having unspent wishes, those are forfeit.

- After the seventh wish, or your death, whichever comes first, your soul belongs to the devil, with all the implied 'eternity in agony, forever in hell' doom to come. And until you die, your soul belongs to the Devil.

Now, to the little bits:

All wishes are twisted. While adhering to the letter, the Devil will change and pervert the spirit of the wish enough to make it you un-wish it; or maybe, die. The bigger the wish, the higher the stakes.

Please, please do not plot things like Oh, I will get the Deal and have my God/Angel/Superbeing Friend rescue me. If you pull that stunt, I will pull back the whole thing. If you don't want to risk your pup, I understand, but also, I will not have my pup made a fool with a cheap shot. When you sign up the deal, you forfeit supernatural protections. I ask players of Gods/Angels/Archmages/Suchlike to acknowledge this. Taking a step further, if you have a debt or bond of life or soul to such super-being, the Deal will not catch; your life or soul is not yours to gamble away, and Scarlet will mention that 'you have an earlier commitment of your resources to another business'.

The Devil deals in harsh lessons and enlightenment thru suffering. If you do not want the Deal being offered to your pup, just say so, and we can work out an IC reason why your pup is 'unsuitable'.

I expect her to offer very, very few Deals. One, because it is technically violating Bar rules. Two, because she needs to find the kind of selfish/naive/evil/greedy person who would take the Deal.

So, if you want to drive your pup into trouble and some hard-earned wisdom, tag away.

If you want to just chat with an evil (but polite) being, tag away.

Thank you for reading. Game on.


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